What Money Can't Buy

Home Learning / Week 7 - Term 3

Watch the above video and answer at least 5 of the below questions. 

  1. Why does the man at the food stall shake his head when the main character gives the dog some food?
  2. What are the mother and daughter begging for?
  3. What does anonymous mean?
  4. Why is the girl no longer begging on the street? Where has she been and how was this possible?
  5. How does the man feel when he sees the little girl? Explain your answer. (Don’t use the word ‘happy’)
  6. ‘He witnesses happiness’ – what does this mean?
  7. ‘He receives what money can’t buy’ – give an example of something that money can’t buy.


  1. 1: Because it was his food and not the dogs food.
    2: To help donate money for the homeless families.
    3: It means like you are identifies of an unknown name.
    4: she has been on the street and because she probually has enough money for all the homeless people that need help.
    5: the man is feeling excited and cheerful that they are raising enough money for the homeless families.

  2. 1) He shook his head because he thought it was a waste of money.
    2) for money so the kid could go of to school.
    3) it means you are like invisible to other people because they don't know who or what you are
    4) the man gave the family money so the girl could go to school.
    5) his face was amazed at what he had been doing for these people.

  3. 1: The man shook his head beacause he thought it was a waste of money and good food, but he probably thought that the dog did have food.
    2: The mother and daughter were begging for money so she could help her go to school and a better future for her.
    3: The word anonymous means that you’re like a person know one knows and what your name or what u look like and feel.
    4: At first I thought that she died, but then when I saw here in school uniform and everything I knew that this was all from the man who gave them money.
    5: The mans face looked so contented and delighted and why this mans face was so joyful it is because he was happy to see that what he did helped a lot of people out and made them jolly to (and got himself a free pet out if it).

    Zaahir Ali

  4. 1. The guy shook his head because he was thinking that it is a waste of his time and money.
    2. They are begging for the daughter to go to school.
    3. some one who is unknown .
    4. The girl is no going to school and this is possible because of the money the guy gave her.
    5. he feels thrilled that he has done good in the world.
    6. He has a good time and sees smiles all around him.
    7. Money can't buy you happiness,love,respect.


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